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Nail Trainer Practice Hand BASIC kit

Now ONLY: $179.95
Item Number: NTH-1
This ADVANCED nail training package will help secure a SUCCESSFUL nail career!   


The Nail Trainer hand BASIC kit is…   


  • the MOST advanced, MOST LIFE-LIKE nail training hand in the world and is perhaps the BEST invention in the nail industry in the last 10 years.    
  • is a fantastic tool for nail students and nail techs trying to master their nail skills.   
  • speeds learning MUCH faster, and without distractions.   
  • totally eliminates frustration of finding live models to practice on.  
  •  It is always ready when you are ready to practice--any where, any time.   
  • provides a "natural" training environment for nail training schools,enables students to "focus" on eliminating mistakes BEFORE providing nail services to the general public.    
  • can be used to practice acrylic tip/overlay, gel, fiberglass, sculptured nails, airbrushing, free hand nail art or electric file/drill skills just as you would on a real person but without the "pressure to perform quickly", thus allowing mastering skills to the highest degree. 
  • perfect because virtually any nail service performed on a REAL person can be performed on the Nail Trainer 
  • is featured in Nails, Nailpro, and other trader magazines around the world.   
  • a fantastic tool for nail students and nail techs trying to master their nail skills.


The Nail Trainer practice hand "BASIC" kit
 includes these items:


1) Nail Trainer hand
2) 12 minute promotional demo* DVD
     Demo DVD in English, Spanish, German, and French. 
3) Two cleverly designed self-assessment cards
4) A packet of 100 Nail Trainer nails 
      (assortment of 20x5 shapes/sizes of the most commonly shaped fingernails)
5) Five Nail Trainer fingertips
6) Nail Trainer gel prep
7) Nail Trainer glue 
8) Nail Trainer acrylic primer 

1) This version does NOT include an Owner's Manual (as pictured above).
2) The 12 minute promotional demo DVD  demonstrates how to effectively use the Nail Trainer and is NOT an instructional training video.



The built-in 2-inch deep clamp attaches easily and adjusts to fit table tops.  The gripper teeth insure secure attachment.  


The unique design of the flexible 20-inch arm and adjustable table clamp allows you to position it anywhere on your table.  


The wrist of the Nail Trainer hand rotates, too! This feature makes it easy to practice your skills on the thumb nail. 


The nail channel design allows 4 varied depths to which you can position the nail into the finger. 1=high position; 2- 3=typical position, 4= deeply embedded position. The Nail Trainer's nails are easily removed and replaced in about 3-5 seconds each. The simple procedure is demonstrated on the DVD included in all kits.  And the Nail Trainer's nails can be easily positioned forward (for a longer free edge) or backward (for a shorter free edge). 


The fingers and arm easily manipulate, pivot, and rotate like a human hand's fingers. 




Every Nail Trainer nail extension kit includes 100 Nail Trainer nails that have been specially designed to maximize your ability to do all kinds of nails in a salon environment.You receive 20 each of 5 different shapes and sizes--from a wide nail to a nail biter's nail--giving you the maximum training potential. These nails are also designed with built-incuticles so you can practice "true to life" application.

You get 100 Nail Trainer nails:

1--20 flat thumb nails 
2--20 normal nails
3--20 maintenance nails
4--20 large nails 
5--20 nail biter's nails


Nail Trainer helps secure a SUCCESSFUL nail career because you will benefit from the availability to practice your nail skills and techniques at home (at nights and on weekends), and your confidence level will soar with repeated, unlimited practice.

Learn and/or practice these skills on
your Nail Trainer:


Acrylic Tip Nails
Acrylic Sculpted Nails
Gel Nails
Fiberglass/Silk Wraps Nails
Maintenance, Fills, Repair
and Removal
Airbrushing Nails
Free Hand Art Work on Nails
Drill Work (electric files)
Nail Competition Techniques  


"The Nail Trainer is worth every penny!I invested in one when I was struggling and have not regretted it. They are a great way to boost your confidence, you can work out all your gremlins in private until you know that your technique is right. And they continue to be useful when trying out new materials and techniques. They are an eye-catching way to display seasonal nail art too." - Angel Fingers --

NEVER use humans as volunteers for your mistakes!


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