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3-D Rhinestone Nail Wraps D-30

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Item Number: D-30
3-D Rhinestone Nail Wraps For Hands and Toes 16PCS

Preparation: Carefully manicure your nails by trimming and pushing back cuticles.

Buff your nails lightly to remove oily film and dust.

Application: A. Select the nail foil that is closest to your nail size.

B. Peel the nail foil off the backing film.

C. Grasp the nail foil between your thumb and index finger and

Lay its rounded edge against the cuticle.

D. Use your scissors to cut off excess foil.

E. Once the foil is in place rub all areas of the foil firmly

While smoothing nail films onto your nails.

You can stretch the film to avoid creating and uneven surface.

F. File off any excess material in a downward motion using your file.

Removal: Wash hands in warm soapy water and gently peel off.

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