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The team members at Designer Nail Products strive daily to assist their customers with the best products and services possible.

The founder of DNP, Pam Sawyer-Thompson, has had over 16 years of concentrated interest in all aspects of the nail industry, with a particular fondness for airbrushing nails. To date, she has won countless awards, trophies and other forms of recognition. She has judged many nail and nail art competitions in the past and is still one of the leading educators in the country. Pam's undying spirit and her enthusiasm towards teaching other nail techs and nail students the BEST and most unique methods of achieving the final design, has made her a forerunner for many years. Gracious but devoted to her cause, Pam Sawyer-Thompson is more than a leader, she's truly someone to aspire to. 

NOTE:  All of the nail extensions and nail artwork presented on this online store was created by the founder of Designer Nail Products, Pam Sawyer-Thompson.


The Staff at Designer Nail Products:
All members of the Designer Nail Products team are genuinely interested in your successes with our products. Should you have any questions, please contact us. We're here to help!

Educating Nail Enthusiasts Since 1996


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