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Our contact details:
Designer Nail Products
P O Box 3397, Southfield Michigan 48037 (USA)
Phone Toll Free:  1-866-805-3072 or (313) 533-3099
International Phone: (001) 313-533-3099
Fax: (313) 535-4621
International Fax: (001) 313-535-4621

FOUR methods in which to place your order:
  Secure Online Shopping Cart     By Phone    By FAX   By Postal Mail
(Please do NOT send us your credit details via email.)

Money Orders or Cashier's Check Purchases (by postal mail)

Don't have a Visa or Mastercard?

We will gladly accept a Money Order orcertifiedbank checkpayable in US Dollars. Mail it to Designer Nail Products, P O Box  3397, Southfield, Michigan 48037 (USA). Please make sure your order includes shipping charges, and is sent to us on THIS ORDER FORMso we can process your order easily. Your order will be processed within 24 hours of receipt. You will receive a confirmation of same via phone or email.


Credit Card Purchases (by FAX)
We accept Visa or Mastercard credit cardsONLY . Faxed orders are accepted using  THIS ORDER FORMso we can process your order easily. Your order will be processed within 24 hours of receipt. You will receive a confirmation of same via phone or email.


Credit Card Purchases (by phone)
We accept Visa or Mastercard credit cardsONLY . Call us on (country code 001) 313-533-3099, or Toll Free in the USA on 1-866-805-3072 to place your order. Orders will be processed in American dollars, then shipped within 24 hours.


How to Make A Purchase Online
Making a purchase iseasy.We accept Visa or Mastercard credit cardsONLY. Orders processed via our shopping cart and will automatically be taken in American dollars.

  1. In the shopping cart, select the items you wish to purchase (by either clicking on the desiredCATEGORYon the left side of the screen or by clicking on the words "e;Click to Get Details "e; underneath the item.)
  2. To purchase an item, select the "e;personalization option"e; of your choice (if the item has one), then select theQUANTITY.  Next, click on theBUYbutton. Continue to shop for other items. After you have selected all the products you want...
  3. Click theCHECKOUTbutton on the right side of the screen. (You will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order.)
  4. After the order is placed with your Visa or MasterCard, within one minute you will receive an email confirmation.
  5. Once we fill your order, you will receive another confirmation by email.

If you have tried to place an order through our shopping cart without success*, below are some of the common reason why rejection will result:
1) You used a credit card from a source other than Visa or MasterCard.
2) You are typing your BILLING address in the SHIPPING address section. On our shopping cart, the shipping address is requested first, then the billing address.
2) You are attempting to place the order in the DOMESTIC cart. All international orders must be completed on the INTERNATIONAL side of the cart. Simply scroll down the ordering page, then click the button that says "e;Click Here for International Addresses"e; to proceed.
3) If you reside in a country with provinces, you must state the name using the two letter abbreviation.
4) The billing address given was entered incorrectly.
-----Incorrectentry: Address Line 1 = 6249
-----                             Address Line 2 = Main Street
-----Correctentry:    Address Line 1= 6249 Main Street (then leave the Address Line 2blank)
5) The billing address didnotmatch the address where you receive your monthly statements.
6) Your credit card number, expiration date, or 3-digit security code (on the back of the card) was entered incorrectly.
7) There was not a sufficient balance to carry the full amount of the order you placed from our shopping cart.

* If you would like us to process your order for you , pleasecontact us . Using this email link will trigger a PRIORITY email to us, thus placing your request above over all others received. We will gladly contact you IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of the email to obtain your order details.

Shipping Costs and Procedures
The United States Postal Service will deliver your shipment to anywhere in the world Customers with US military addresses overseas are also welcome.  Please seeTHIS PAGEto obtain detailed information on how to obtain exact shipping costs.

The built-in, automated "e;CALCULATE SHIPPING"e; feature on our shopping cart provides you with accurate shipping costs to most countries with postal codes. (FREE from our shopping cart.)

International orders
Import duties/taxes/fees
On international orders, if applicable, all import duties/taxes/fees arenotincluded and will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Please read the obligations of the purchaserHERE.

Delivery Schedule
We make every effort to ship your order as soon as possible. We will normally ship your order to youwithin 24 hours.

Back Orders
If your item is not in stock, we will automatically back order it for you. We will always notify you via e-mailed and/or phone. At this time, you may cancel your order if you would rather not wait. If no notification is received, we willautomaticallyship your goods to you when they become available. Backorders are rare but do occasionally occur, especially on very popular items.

USA Tax Charges
ONLY USA residents of the state of Michigan are required to pay 6.000% on the subtotal of the order placed.  

Credit Card Security (CVV2)
All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed using 128 bit encryption. They are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site. Our credit card server is VERY safe.

When placing your order, your credit card's security code will be required. This code is the LAST 3 DIGITS on the back of your credit card and can be found here:

Defective DVDs (and videos) will be replaced without question. Airbrushes and compressors come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for defect. Designer Nail Products reserves the right to inspect these items for defect. If found defective, a replacement item will be shipped within 3 days from the time of receipt at no cost. If there is no defect found, the item will be returned, with charges taken for shipping and an additional fee of $20 charged for inspection and cleaning PRIOR to the return.

Returns Policy
If the box/package isunopened, it can be returned to us for a full refund within15 daysof purchase, less a 20% restocking fee and original postage and handling costs.  If the box/package isopened, itcannotbe returned  for a refund. However, exchanges can be made for the warranty items listed in the GUARANTEE section above.

Privacy Policy 
Our privacy policy is listedHEREin detail.


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